Top 10 Universities in USA

We are here to Talk about Top 10 Universities in USA and World. With Top Ranking Universities in USA, you will know everything before get enrolled in your Favorite US University.

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Top 10 Universities in USA – Complete University List

Check Top 10 Universities In USA. Updated List From United States.

1 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT
  • Global University Rank – 001
  • Location Cambridge – Massachusetts

This is Not A Best Univeristy in United States But in The World. Massachusetts Institute of Technology eastablished back in 1861. The University Located in The Greater Boston Suburb of Cambridge.

2 – StanFord Univeristy

StanFord Univeristy
  • Location: Stanford California
  • Global University Ranking: 3rd

Leland Stanford Jr University or Stanford University is located in The Small Town of Stanford, California. Stanford is famous for Best engineering Programs. Stanford University 17,000 Students won More NCAA Championship than any other University of USA.

3 – Harvard University

Top 10 Universities in USA
  • Location: Cambridge – Massachusetts
  • Global World Ranking:

Harvard University is 5th Best University in Global University Ranking. The University Located in Cambridge – Massachusetts. This is oldest University of USA eastablished back in 1636. The University have World Largest Academic Library System with 20 Million Items.

4 – California Institute of Technology – Caltech

California Institute of Technology - Caltech
  • Location: Pasedena – California
  • Global Univeristy Rank: 6th

The Caltech University Campus is located 11 Kilo Meter from Los Angeles City, Its means When you free from you Study then you can came to city for enjoy and Party. This is small university having 2000 Students only. The University Focus on Steam subjects of Technology, Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

5 – University of Chicago

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was found in 1890 by The Famous US Businessman John D. Rockerfeller. The University produced 97 Nobal Prize Award Winner till that time.

6 – University of Pennysylvania

  • Location: Philadelphia – Pennysylvania
  • World Global Ranking – 13
University of Pennysylvania

The University was established in the 1740s. This may be the oldest USA University. As A Noteable University of USA, they are offering Best Subjects and Programs.

7 – Princeton University USA

Princeton University USA
  • Location: Princeton University – New Jersey
  • Global World Ranking: 16th

You know that The Prestigous Rhodes Scholarship was awarded to Princeton University New Jersey. The university are also offering Best Programs From The World such as Engineering, Politics, Mathematics etc.

8 – Yale University

Yale University USA
  • Location: New Haven, Connecticut
  • Global University Ranking: 18th

Yale University was founded in 1709. The University is famous for their Bachelor, Master Programs But Its Law School is branding The University.

9 – Cornell Uniersity USA

Cornell Uniersity USA
  • Location, Itheca New York
  • Global University Ranking: 20th

Cornell University was founded in 1865. The University Situated in Cornell. The University Main Focus on Subjects of VeterInary Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry & Data Sciences. Are you know that 20% of the University Students are outside USA.

The Noteable Alumini include American Footballer Pop Warner, Bill Nye, and the Former US Chief Medical Advisory Anthorny Fauci.

10 – Columbia University USA

The University include Top 10 Universities in USA List.

Columbia University USA
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Global Univeristy Ranking: 22nd

The Columbia University was Founded in 1754. The University Located on Manhattan in New York City. This is most urban place of the City. Columbia University is offering many programs with High Quality Training in Different Subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is No 1 College in USA?

According to Wikipedia, Princeton College and University are No 1 College in USA Ranking.

Is University Better Than College in USA?

Both Are Academically Equal. If you choose A School with A Wider choice of Subjects & Programs then A University may be Fit for your Career Planning.

Is USA Good For Study?

The USA have Many Universities who are leading Global Education University Ranking. Also, The USA Universities have Best Funding from Federal Govt so you can get enrolled.

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